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The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is an immersive magic experience that will play with your senses through a series of stories full of magic, but, above all, emotions that will make you feel a special connection with the characters that inhabit them, making you a part of the story.


These stories show how each of our decisions affect not only our lives, but those of others and with that, the course of life itself.

The Butterfly Effect was made in collaboration with a New York City-based immersive theater company and will take place in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City, for a very limited group of people.


Coming out of this experience, you will see the world with different eyes; with an open heart and emotions on the surface. It will help you remember that magic is everywhere and not just within the four walls that contain this show.


The butterfly effect will happen for a limited time, so we suggest to buy your tickets as soon as possible.


*This experience is only for adults (18+).

*Tickets include tailor made cocktails by Fifty Mils and canapes by chef Jorge Dumit.

*There are performances in English and Spanish, make sure you buy the one you're interested in.

*Tickets will go on sale one month before each show.

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